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                                                                                  **   The Thalidomide Society 




                                                                                 **   Thalidomide Trust (U.K.)




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                                                                               **  Thalidomide Victims Association of Canada 




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                                                                              **   Thalidomide - Japan




Thalidomide Articles – relevant to current and projected health of survivors

          *    Securing Our Future - The disability and health costs of UK Thalidomide affected people .  (2012).   National Advisory Council to

                   the Thalidomide Trust.  UK.  



          *   Pain News.  The British Pain Society - Thalidomide Embryopathy. (June 2013).  Vol 13.  Issue 2.  A publication of the British Pain





          *   Looking to the Future: Evaluation of the Health Grant to Thalidomide-Impaired People.  (2012).  Firefly Illuminating Research. UK. 



             Thalidomide: Enquiries to be carried out repeatedly with regard to problems, specific needs and support deficits of thalidomide

                 victims . (2012).   University of Heidelberg.   Germany.



           *   REPORT: Study on the current living conditions of Canadian Thalidomide Survivors and their projections for their future.   (2013).

                Thalidomide Victims Association of Canada.    Canada.      



          *   EU Thalidomide Survivors’ Campaign : Press Pack  EPP, S&D, ECR Joint Press Conference : 11am : Wed 27th May




            Damage to Health, Psychosocial Disorders and Care Requirements of Thalidomide Survivors in North Rhine Westphalia from a

                Long-Term Perspective.   (2015).   Expert Opinion Commissioned by LZG.NRW.  Germany.